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Hi all,

Thanks for o @Tiffany for checking on me via Facebook, this was very very sweet. After my clear scan in may I had my colonoscopy follow up last Monday. I am please to say it was clear. I was told they would probably take some biopsies from the site of the surgery but they didn't need to. They have said a blood test in Jan and a quick meeting in Feb then a follow up ft scan next may. I feel ok about that but feel it's a long way off, has anyone had anything sooner (would be a year since my previous scan)



@Jonathan25 great news :x::x:


Great news @Jonathan25 , lomg may it continue for you...


Fab news@jonathan25. Hope you are getting on on well :x::x::x:


@Jonathan25 - Hello! I'm wondering about timings for check ups too. Coming up to a year since the end of my treatment (12 x Folfox 5FU) and because I pushed for one, was given a CT scan in May which was, thankfully, all clear. I'm meant to be having a colonoscopy, scan and blood tests in November, but haven't heard anything! Feel very lucky to have got to a year, but It's quite anxiety inducing isn't it?! :x:


hello @Jonathan25

Glad to hear you had good scan results, all the best :)