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Clear Scan and a life change

Hi everyone, Ive been away for ages, so thought I would have a look in and see whats occuring, lots of new people , getting sound support and love... great to see...
So, Im so far so good, just had my 18 month CT Scan, and its clear, CEA is 1, originally I was stage 3 with 7/21 lymph nodes having cancer...oh the joys eh... well, this cancer malarkey certainly gives you the biggest kick ever doesnt it, the immense fear of not knowing, the fear of impending doom, lack of control, you know where im coming from dont you?
What that fear did for me was make me realise I was actually, one day going to die, (because I think we all secretly think we will live forever, or is that just me) I also decided it wasn't cancer that was going to see me out too...
I sold my little business, rented out my house, and myself and my 14 year old daughter, 4 dogs, 2 horses, 13 chickens moved to the Charente area of France....I will never be rich, (it was trying to be rich that nearly killed me), I get by, but my smile rarely leaves my face..... the only good thing this cancer did for me was make me realise life really is too short to waste.... while I returned to the UK for my scan last week, I went to the Royal Albert Hall to watch Casino Royale , the sountrack played live by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, missed my train home, 80 miles away..who cares...jumped on a bus, winged it..! .when Im in the Uk , we live in my old camper with a woodburner....and I LOVE IT...! blessings to one and all :x::x::x:


@Mistyalpine such a wonderful update. Enjoy every minute :x::x::x:


Great update, it gives hope to all of us that it can be beat! I decided too that I'm not going anywhere....mine was also stage 3 1/41 lymphys had cancer. Did you have folfox chemo? :x:


Hi @Mistyalpine Good to read your update. congratulations! I'm not on the forum so much now, but I think I was a few weeks behind you in diagnosis and treatment. Same node ratio too. I also just had a clear ct in September- just under 18 months milestone. Best wishes for your future and new life! :x::x:


Hi @1234annie yes i had folfox, 9 out of 12 cycles them last 3 cycles with just 5fu, then had another 6 cycles of 5 fu as my progressive ONC just wanted to give me extra because the oxy had been removed due to neuropathy


Hi @Ally13 yes, we more or less travelled the chemo trail together, im so happy for you, it feels good.......we can all do this folks... ??


What fantastic news to hear @Mistyalpine !


@Mistyalpine Thank you for your story. I think - at least I wish - you've perhaps just set my life on a different course. And a better one, for all that.

Quote from @Mistyalpine:
Hi @1234annie yes i had folfox, 9 out of 12 cycles them last 3 cycles with just 5fu, then had another 6 cycles of 5 fu as my progressive ONC just wanted to give me extra because the oxy had been removed due to neuropathy

Thats good, tomorrow will be cycle 8 they reduced the oxy by 10% and I think another 10% tomorrow. Hands have been a lot worse this cycle but I'm determined to get to the end. They said the oxy only does 12-15% of the work and the 5fu does the majority. Good they gave you extra 5fu just to be safe. :x:


@CalmOnTheOutside , if you decide to move to the Charente/Vienne area in France, get in touch....many blessings to you...:x::x::x::x:


Lovely news@Mistyalpine, I like your style! I am sat in the chemo chair now as I write. Bottle some of your positivity and send some to me please.:x::x:


What lovely news @Mistyalpine ... your life change sounds wonderful, and you sound happy! Yay... enjoy and keep smiling! Love and hugs :x::x::x:


Hi @Mistyalpine

Marvellous update :x::x::x:



Here's a bunch of virtual lavender, with love, from me, just for you.



Wow @Mistyalpine what a truly inspirational post :x::x:


Ohh @Mistyalpine I enjoyed reading your good news and update so much-how brave you are and what a role model to your daughter. Sending much happiness for the future ?

El Ivan

Great to read your update @Mistyalpine ?:x:


Lovely to read your update @Mistyalpine :x::x:


Changed my outlook for sure too! Glad to hear your enjoying life @Mistyalpine :x: