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Looking Good Feeling Better workshop

I'm going to a Looking Good Feeling Better workshop next week . Has anyone else been to one ?


Yes!!!!! And they are brilliant @Meezermum! Enjoyed the afternoon and loved all the great freebies! You'll love it! K ????❤️


Hi @Baxter2 well that sounds good ????


Hi @Meezermum

Don't get me started!!!
Advertised at my chemo centre on the 'Breast Cancer' noticeboard, not for bowel or other cancers. Not bitter or anything!

springer michelle

How lovely.nits a great workshop. I went to 2 of them. Meet others with cancer, you can chat and have a laugh and the make up you're given is amazing. I'm still using all mine. Enjoy it :x::x:


Still waiting for the invite too! Bath RUH is breast only as well... I feel anther blog coming on ?


Grrrr! The "Looking good feeling better" workshops at my Maggies centre are for anyone affected by any cancer whether now in remission or just diagnosed/having treatment. They're well worth going to if you can! Why don't you call and ask? K ????❤️


@Baxter2 they doesn't seem to be a Maggies in the Bath area, such a shame. Booked myself a Reiki session though in my week off! :x::x:


Oh lovely! I've had a few reiki sessions as well as reflexology and loved both! Enjoy! K ????❤️


Not sure of attendance criteria , but mines at Derby hospital .


Hi @Meezerman. This sounds great. Will check this out at the City Hospital Nottingham. Take care :x::x:

Beck R

@Lizalou was it just advertised on the breast cancer noticeboard, is it worth asking if it’s for anyone?


I went to the one at Blackpool.
It was for all types of cancer. I had a great time they take you through every step of doing your make up and you get to keep your make up at the end.
All the make up is donated from various brands like clinique and no 7 etc so it varies from bag to bag .
I'm still using all my things :x::x:


@Hayley1974 that sounds great and I think I'm looking forward to it .
Just one question for the ladies . I was told to avoid any harsh chemicals during chemo and I used to use Nairn facial hair remover for my upper lip . I haven't used this for a couple of months and it now needs doing . Has anyone tried an alternative to this without going to a salon ?

Quote from @Meezermum:
Not sure of attendance criteria , but mines at Derby hospital .

I went to that one. Enjoy Julie :x:


I have right after I was diagnosed and it was brilliant! Came away with loads of great freebies! You’ll enjoy it! K ????❤️
Ps. See this is an older post and you’ll have already have been!! :x::x:


@Baxter2 and @Bridget55 I did go and it was informative. Learned how to put blusher on and not look like a clown ? and lots of goodies . ???