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Life with bowel cancer


My dog watches over me...

Anyone else's pet by their side all the time? She literally follows me everywhere. Love her so much ❤ Boobie Princess ❤


She's still watching ?


Bless her she is lovely :x::x:




@1234annie she's gorgeous :x::x:


So sorry to hear you lost your dog. I know how awful that is. I was diagnosed may 2016 with cancer and my dog past away 6 months later. I was devastated , still having trouble coping with it now. My dogs are my life. It was through my other dog that I knew there was something wrong with me as she wouldn't leave my bottom alone, she kept nudging my bottom every time I got up. I had suffered for years with what I thought was just a tear in my bottom but went back to doctors as I was getting really worried by my dogs behaviour. She saved my life. Hope you start to feel better soon. With love, mel


Thank you for your kind words @melwaite . Yes, our dogs certainly play a huge role in our lives and particularly going through all this cancer carry on! I miss him every day but it's getting a bit easier now. My little westie never leaves my side these days as she's a little lost without her pal! What dogs do you have? Photos? Lots of love, K ????❤️


One of our pups keeping Mark comfy during chemo - couldn't believe the difference it made to his mood! Cheered him up no end!


I had two springers, the first one is the little girl who I lost 6 months after diagnosis. Little boy a couple of years before. The bulldog we still have, she's sky and the one that convinced me something was wrong with me. I'm so glad you have a lovely dog still there to help you through. Mine have been a godsend to me. Xx


Awww, they're all so gorgeous @melwaite! Essential to recovery! Have a good day! Karen :x::x:


Im so so sorry I only just read your profile as I only saw your messages about the dogs. You are amazing, u have been through so much more than me that it makes me feel a bit ashamed of moaning. You are an inspiration and I shall follow your lead. Much love to you . Mel


Don't be daft @melwaite! Any amount of moaning is just fine! We all need to do it lol! I'm doing pretty well just now and was just commenting to my hubs last night that despite all and still being on fortnightly chemo, I feel so well and pretty normal! Off to the shops shortly to find a nice black dress and shoes for my formal nights on the cruise! Can't wait! I'm especially looking forward to swimming in the sea again when we get to the Canaries! I'm getting my mask, snorkel and flippers looked out later! Speak soon and keep in touch! K ????❤️


Good for have a great time :x::x::x:


Sorry couldn't resist ?

springer michelle

Here's mine funny one


Yes my little bichon cross is stuck to my side @1234annie. :x:


Chloe won't leave Clive's side. She's never really been a 'Lap Cat' but she seems to have turned into one since he's been ill....


Aaah cute. :x:

Quote from @Sasa:
One of our pups keeping Mark comfy during chemo - couldn't believe the difference it made to his mood! Cheered him up no end!